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theF.A.T.E has connected with, visited with, researched and recommended an extensive list of African based factories, manufacturers, suppliers and artisans to bring you the fashion business brand owner and fashion retailer a vast array of authentic African goods straight from the African continent.
With products ranging from textiles, trims and components, to finished goods and manufacturing services you can shift your sourcing to world’s fasting growing continent within days.

To ensure the quality of our connections we only allow access to these businesses via a paid membership. As a paying member you will be granted access to 100’s of African businesses who offer their services to business across the world as well as also receiving monthly insights and notifications of new suppliers that join theF.A.T.E (our site is regularly updated)

If you do not require factory services or wholesale supplies and you’re just looking for finished goods and textiles please check our shop section, which is open to everyone.

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Fashion Africa Trade Expo Africa Fashion Guide illustrations african artisan basket weavers

Basket Weaving

From Sisal to Raffia to Elephant Grass

Garment Making

From womenswear to mens and childrens clothing

Textile Dyeing

From eco dyeing to fabric dyeing

Jewelry Making

From recycled brass to glass beads to krobo beads

Hand Weaving

From Kente to Dan Fani to Asooke


From cushions and baskets to throws and beddings

Textile Hand Printing

From Batik to Adire to
Tie n Dye

Wholesale Production

From white label to
bulk purchase

Raw Materials

From raw cotton to silk to bark cloth and moree

Fashion Africa Trade Expo Africa Fashion Guide illustrations african artisan Textiles

Wax Print Fabric

From West Africa to East African print houses

Fashion Africa Trade Expo Africa Fashion Guide illustrations african artisan Footwear

Shoe Making

From sandals to shoes to boots to sneakers

Fashion Africa Trade Expo Africa Fashion Guide illustrations african artisan fashion Accessories


From bags to hats to
scarves to fans

How Membership Works

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Find new suppliers and source African goods

Browse through or search for the product or service you need from our list of African Factories, Artisans and Manufacturers. Select the product or service to see more details and submit a connection request for any matching results.

Your Connection to the African Fashion Industry

Once we receive your connection request we will contact you for specific details and will pass these onto the relevant contact at the chosen factory / manufacturer to connect you. You now have your sought after connections to the African Fashion Industry and you are ready to build your fashion collections For more business support to go from sourcing to sample to sales join our weekly membership club sessions to simplifying your business strategy.

Membership Options

Silver Level: Source Manufacturers

  • £370 annually (2 months free)
  • Access to our list of African Manufacturers and their products and services.
  • Monthly zoom meeting: FATE members with FATE suppliers and training from partners.

Gold Level: Source Manufacturers & Fashion Africa Membership Business Club

  • £1080 annual (3 months FREE!)
  • SAVE £32 a month
  • Access to our list of African Manufacturers and their products and services
  • Club Membership to support business growth. Includes:
  • Weekly group meetings,
  • African Fashion Design Bundles
  • Business Coaching,
  • Community,
  • Discounts to our Sourcing Trips and events,
  • Connections to experts

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a typical question and this depends purely on your needs. Each country has its own specialisms, for examples some are great with leather some grow quality cotton and so their products in these areas may be better than in other countries. We suggest you choose via the product category first and then narrow it down from there.

With this in mind we have created a great tool for you. The African Fashion Design Bundle that you can use to stay on track with trends plus have ready designs and tech packs you can use to provide your supplier with to get started. Select here or upgrade to the club subscription and gain this as part of your membership:

Being an online sourcing platform it is available for you to access at your leisure. There is a live aspect through the bonus of a membership club called theFAMILY just choose that club subscription option on registration and gain business building training plus coaching. Through our weekly live trainings you gain extra support for your journey and we invite industry experts to share with you as well.

Then you are perfect for this! You are at the perfect place to start souring in Africa with theFATE because you can avoid rookie mistakes found by many who do not have a platform to source with. With theFATE you can be assured the suppliers are all vetted and seen as partners of Africa Fashion Guide Ltd and the Fashion Africa group.
Plus we offer you more business support and trainings via our membership club theFAMILY just sign up for the club subscription instead. Together they can save you from doing things the wrong way… and knowing that can save you a ton of money and time in the long run! theFATE will equip you with the contacts and theFAMILY will equip you with the tools you need to set up your African fashion business.