New Book – Fashion CANNOT Be Made in Africa – A Business Book by Jacqueline Shaw


New African fashion business book by Jacqueline Shaw called Fashion Cannot Be Made in Africa.

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This African fashion business book in the Fashion Africa series takes all the guesswork out of creating and building your fashion made in Africa business! This book equips creative entrepreneurs and aspiring designers, like you to start and build a fashion business in Africa.

There are over 6 chapters where you will learn insights to create and build your made in Africa fashion business.

My new book is based on our popular F.A.B. training methodologies where you will learn everything from

– the african fashion marketplace
– how to work out your target market,
– the keys to vetting your suppliers with a listing of questions and what to look for,
– pricing tips relevant for cost sheets for your small business,
– practical advice for setting up technical packs,
– marketing tips to have an authentic African business for a compelling and honest sale,
– practical tips on designing your collections to learning good product offers !

Right now made in Africa is leading the way for new marketplaces for fashion production. The opportunity is ripe and you can be part of the new African narrative that is evolving in fashion and ultimately create a legacy business, create a business that impacts those on the ground AND you will create money!

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