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This Tanzanian based textile maker and tailor works with a team. They have 5 permanent members who works full time, other members come in when needed and numbers depends on the amount of work available and how fast the customer needs the product, that determines how many people should be working. They collectively work to print a variety of batik printed fabric.

BATIKI fabrics, as described in Tanzania is a major form of expression. They tell us that these African handmade patterns are popular as a means of personal adornment and a medium of communication. These exquisite textiles give wearers and admirers insight into social, religious, and political African contexts in an abstract and approachable way.
Cut as 4 yards pieces these designs are made to be ordered and at wholesale.

Everything is 100% Made in Tanzania and 100% Handmade.


Product offered includes:

Custom Fabric printing to order
Textiles batik printed
Fashion tailoring
Batik bomber jackets(unisex)
Accessories product making
Homeware soft goods batik printed


Services offered includes:

Fabric dyeing

  • Listing ID: 4655
  • Manufacturer: FA-MB-TZ-20
  • Materials: Batik (handmade wax prints)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 101-250 pieces per style
  • Shipping: DHL
  • Payment Methods: PayPal; WorldRemit money transfer; Western union money transfer;
  • Lead Times: Delivery timelines is within 7 working days
Contact details

Company Name: Maishabora Enterprises Contact Name: Dunstan Baji Instagram: no Location: MwanzaTanzania Show phone number *****