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This Nigerian based textile maker and tailor loving creates handwoven textile technique called Aso-oke that has been built on the foundation of craftsmanship & sustainability. Their textile design and production business is made up of a team of 55, where 40 African Women artisan workers are based in several locations and 15 Men artisan workers in several locations around the country. The textile process is made up of skill and the use of yarn handwoven by very skillful hands of some of the artisans that create the ART of weaving in their fabrics.

The cotton yarns are carefully hand-woven and produced under ecologically sustainable and fair conditions, and their Made-to-Order system enforces the need for Responsible Consumption and Production as a very important measure to attain the much needed sustainability in fashion (slow fashion). Their processes leave very little carbon footprint and the entire production process from start to finish is 100% FREE of Carbon emissions and Wastage. These are two key elements responsible for the poor climate conditions experienced worldwide today.

Fabrics they made are proudly handwoven in technique, minimalist in personality, simplicity in form and function, and cotton in texture. Functionality and design are major keys in the entire production cycle of their textile products. The texture and complementary colour combination of their handwoven textile is designed to create a contrast through the graphic lines whilst instilling a high-impact sense of power and energy. Within every detail, texture, complementary colour and pattern lies a strong message of preserving and connecting the ethical values of their ancestral heritage with today’s need for sustainability and inclusivity.

Product offered includes:

Custom Fabric printing to order
Textiles handwoven


Services offered includes:

Made to Order – bespoke production
Development through to production
  • Listing ID: 3499
  • Manufacturer: FA-WMA-NG-91
  • Materials: Handwoven Textile in Cotton and polyester yarns, Aso-oke, Akwete, Itoneche,
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 11-50 pieces per style
  • Type of Business: TEXTILES > HANDWOVEN
  • Payment Methods: Bank to bank transfer; WorldRemit money transfer
  • Lead Times: Production timeline is a minimum of 15 working days for MOQ 1-15. Greater MOQ above 50 pieces take 30 working days
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