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This Senegal & Mali based textile maker works with a team of 20 people working at the factory to hand-make fabrics. They are a supplier and producer of modern and contemporary African fabrics and aims to promote a responsible and environmentally friendly African textile industry for designers, decorators and any fabric professional.

They strives to showcase African know-how by collaborating directly with weavers from Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso. Each region has its own specific manufacturing techniques, amazing ancestral heritage that enriches the value of these ecological fabrics. They want their customers to be aware of the impact of the rise of extremely polluting synthetic fabrics and in contrast they produce product in perfect alliance between respect for the environment and development of the African economy.

All their fabric manufacturers are regularly audited in order to meet their process criteria, always in accordance with SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

Fabric includes

  • Bogolan made by artisanal producers in northern Mali comes in four colours : black, white, khaki and multi-colours and you can personalise your pattern and even order the colour of their choice and have this available in a short time. The cloth is woven and size is equivalent to two yards of fabric but do differ in thickness: thin, medium and thick.
  • Guinea Lepi meaning indigo in the Fulani language, this bazin tinted fabric comes in indigo blue. It is quite possible to customise the pattern and colour according to your wishes. This fabric comes in the form of a loincloth 1.80m long by 1m wide.
  • Mali Bazin Riche is dyed in Bamako and sold in strips of 4 meters by 1.10m wide.
  • Woven loincloth from Burkina Faso, lighter than that of Guinea, comes from a long tradition of Burkinabe weaving and is called FasoDanFani. Renowned for its lightness and its particularities such as the shiny threads used for weaving, and comes in the form of a strip 14m long and 32cm wide.
Everything is 100% Made in Senegal Guinea and Mali and 100% Handmade.


Product offered includes:

Custom Fabric printing to order
Textiles mudcloth
Textiles Tie n dye printed
Textiles Indigo dye
Textiles Dan Fani
Indigo dye textiles
Accessories product making


Services offered includes:

Made to Order – bespoke production
Pattern making service
Fabric sourcing for clients
Fabric dyeing
Design support
Wholesale product (such as blank products for white label)
FOB shipping
CIF shipping
  • Listing ID: 5156
  • Manufacturer: FA-AT-WA-14
  • Materials: Indigo dye, Eco dyeing, Tie n Dye, Dan Fani, Mudcloth,
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 11-50 pieces per style
  • Shipping: DHL Express via a partnership with them. They ship by package of 2,5 kg
  • Payment Methods: Bank to bank transfer; PayPal; Secure Payment link;
Contact details

Company Name: AfricanTextil Contact Name: Thomas Mansour BODIN-HULLIN Location: Senegal and Mali Instagram: afrikeaSenegal Show Phone Number ***** http://www.africantextil.afrikea.com