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This American based textile maker with a team of 2 within their studio based in Memphis, have a new line of 4 way stretch knit fabrics in traditional African Prints such as Wax Prints, Dashiki, Kente, Mudcloth and more.


Product offered includes:

Printed stretch fabrics


Services offered includes:

Digital printing
Fabric sourcing for clients
Quality Checks
  • Listing ID: 3904
  • Manufacturer: Manufactured by FA-ASF-USA-61
  • Materials: Printed
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1-10 pieces per style
  • Type of Business: Printed
  • Shipping: UPS
  • Payment Methods: PayPal; Stripe, CashApp Square
  • Services Offered: Digital printing; Fabric sourcing for clients; Quality Checks
Contact details

Company Name: African Stretch Fabric Contact Name: Danielle Pierce Instagram: Location: Tennessee, US ***** http://www.africanstretchfabric.com