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This Togo based textile maker and tailor works with a team of 20 people working at the factory to print a variety of batik printed fabric using a traditional handprinting technique. With 5-10 permanent full production staff, and 5-10 apprentices. More than 25 trained staff who are educated in their education center) which is available flexibly for large orders. Only for very large orders they might sometimes use/rent additional facilities.

Founded in 2008 this Togolese company handcrafts fabrics from white fabric, using the unique and traditional technique of batik. Clients can have made the production of Bags, Clothes, Home Goods in traditional African ‘Batik’ fabric. The entire production is done by hand from wax stamps, dye, with sewing and construction. It was set up to help and support the locally community and is women-owned business hiring women to support their community of Kpalimé, Togo

Everything is 100% Made in Togo and 100% Handmade.


Product offered includes:

Custom Fabric printing to order
Textiles batik printed
Fashion tailoring
Accessories product making
Homeware soft goods batik printed


Services offered includes:

Made to Order – bespoke production
Pattern making service
Fabric sourcing for clients
Fabric dyeing
Quality Checks
Design support
Development through to production
Wholesale product (such as blank products for white label)
FOB shipping
CIF shipping
  • Listing ID: 3949
  • Manufacturer: FA-AB-TO-63
  • Materials: Adire, Eco dyeing, Waxprints / Ankara / Kitenge / Chitenge / Khanga (etc), BATIK FABRICS (WAX TECHNIQUE)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1-10 pieces per style
  • Shipping: They collaborate with DHL and have an official business account as well as a direct contact person with them in Lomé. They send samples/very small orders via Togo Post EMS, which is also quite reliable and slightly cheaper, but in most cases they work with DHL which delivers internationally within days.
  • Payment Methods: Bank to bank transfer; PayPal; WorldRemit money transfer; Western union money transfer; Other money transfer companies;
  • Lead Times: Usually an estimated 1-3 weeks for production (depending on capacity and order size) and 4-5 days for delivery. Very rarely would it take longer than 3 weeks (only for very large wholesale orders >200 yards, or if their suppliers have unexpected delays).
Contact details

Company Name: Aklala Batik du Togo Contact Name: Instagram: @aklalabatiktogo Location: LomeTogo Show phone number ***** http://www.aklalabatik.com