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This Nigerian based textile maker works with a team of 6 – 10 with 4 – 5 in the factory space. Their journey started with Funtua cotton, a Nigerian fabric that was indigenous and synonymous with their country but also that could be sustainably and professionally made there. The result is the most beautiful indigo dyed fabric that’s woven in Funtua, Katsina, and hand dyed in Kano at the centuries old Kofar Mata Dye pits

The textile mill, where the fabric is woven, has existed since Nigeria’s cotton industry boom in the 1970s, a joint venture between a Chinese manufacturer and Katsina’s government that boasts 90 percent local staff working under slow but deliberate conditions.
The raw cotton material is a long staple cotton between 30mm to 40mm grown across Nigeria; and cotton yarns are woven loosely using a traditional weave. This loose weave makes the cotton extremely breathable (think linen), malleable and soft (think gauze).


Product offered includes:

cotton fabric
Woven products
Indigo dye
Eco dyeing
Tie n Dye
Fashion tailoring
Accessories product making


Services offered includes:

Digital printing
Pattern making service
Fabric sourcing for clients
Sampling service
Fabric dyeing
  • Listing ID: 4072
  • Manufacturer: FA-NG-TIU-40
  • Materials: cotton fabric, Woven products; Tailoring, Indigo dye, Eco dyeing, Tie n Dye,
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1-10 pieces per style
  • Shipping: DHL International
  • Payment Methods: Bank to bank transfer; PayPal; PAYSTACK;
  • Lead Times: 2-3 days (local) 5- 10 days (international) shipping
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