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This Zimbabwean based company produces beautiful unique yet modern products using age old methods. Started in 2016 by two friends who were brought together by a shared love and vision for African handmade products.

All their products are handcrafted by artisans who follow age old traditions and those that are often passed down from one generation to the next. These products use natural raw materials sourced locally to each area and that are sustainably harvested. Such as the fronds of the Ilala Palm Tree from which over 80% of their basket range is made from; Sisal from the Sisal plant to weave their Masvingo baskets due to it being exceptionally durable and strong; Cane known as Nangoneka in Malawi or Tsopotwe in Zimbabwe, is used to make the Buhera baskets as well as the Malawi furniture range; The indigenous, rapid growing, solid stemmed Lowland Bamboo or Bindura is used to make some of their pendant lampshades. Being handcrafted and unique no two products look exactly the same or have exactly the same dimensions.

They work with artisans from diverse backgrounds from different weaving communities around Zimbabwe, Zambia and in Southern Malawi where weaving has become a supplementary income to traditional farming. Buying their products means income to the artisans they work with and thus helps to ensure that the communities continue to thrive and are empowered to develop sustainably.

Product offered includes:

Cane Furniture
Traditional artefacts


Services offered includes:

Made to Order – bespoke production
Quality Checks
Wholesale product (such as blank products for white label)
FOB shipping
  • Listing ID: 3271
  • Manufacturer: FA-HC-ZIM-97
  • Materials: Sisal, Cane, Ilala Palm Tree, Bamboo
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 11-50 pieces per style
  • Shipping: Airfreight; seafreight; postal service through a local shipping partner; Shipping time is dependent on mode of shipping 7-60 working days
  • Payment Methods: Bank to bank transfer; WorldRemit money transfer; Western union money transfer; Other money transfer companies; Online payment platform - Direct Pay Online
  • Lead Times: Production lead times approx. 10-12 weeks
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Different weaving communities around Zimbabwe, Zambia and in Southern Malawi.Zimbabwe

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