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This Kenyan based Basket and Bead maker works with a team of over 1700 artisans of women groups.Wholesale of handicrafts helps the artisans to a sustainable livelihood. Hadithi also supports the groups with raw materials, training in craft skills and other empowering workshops

Product offered includes:

Sisal weaving


  • Listing ID: 3463
  • Manufacturer: Manufactured by FA-HC-KE-54
  • Materials: Baskets, Beadwork, Sisal weaving
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 51-100 pieces per style
  • Type of Business: Homeware>Baskets; Textiles >Embroidery; Beadwork;Craft Accessories> Bags; Leather goods; Wholesale
  • Shipping: DHL artisan account (1-2 weeks) Posta kenya (less reliable, 3 weeks to 2 months)
  • Payment Methods: Bank to bank transfer; WorldRemit money transfer; Western union money transfer; Flutterwave; Mobile Money
  • Certifications: Wildlife Friendly
  • Lead Times: Orders above 200 Pc: 2 months
Contact details

Company Name: Hadithi Crafts Contact Name: Aggy Mulewa Instagram: hadithi_crafts Location: NairobiKenya Show phone number *****