Clothing Manufacturer – FA-KK-TA-01

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This company is ultimately a strong fashion brand ardent on blurring the lines of borders between continents and creating garments that fit with the needs and wants of today’s international woman. With an emphasis on in-house production within Accra, Ghana and known for vivid fusions of West African inspired, mixed prints and minimalist, contemporary silhouettes. They provide ready-to-wear pieces, with the option to custom-make for clients Services include Fully Factored, Sampling service, Labelling, Packaging, Development through to production, FOB shipping. They also have a passion for education and a vision to create fashion with a conscience and so support and partner with organizations in need.

  • Listing ID: 1647
  • Manufacturer: Manufactured by FA-KK-TA-01
  • Materials: Made from: Woven Products,Tailoring
  • Minimum Order Quantity: Minimum Number of Units to Order:51-100
  • Type of Business: Business Type:Garment Making,Tailoring
  • Shipping: Shipped by:DHL
  • Payment Methods: Pay with:Paypal Payment,Bank Transfer,Mobile MoneyPay with:Paypal Payment,Bank Transfer,Mobile Money
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