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Our Vision

The textile, textile product, and apparel manufacturing industries include establishments that process fibre into fabric and fabric into clothing and other textile products.

The Fashion Africa Trade Expo (the F.A.T.E.) is the African clothing, textile, leather and accessories go-to sourcing platform.
A key B2B platform created to build new business relationships between suppliers in Africa and international fashion brands. It provides an opportunity for producers from the African continent to showcase their product and trade their services to new markets thus creating exposure for them to uncharted markets.

Register your brand today to connect with African suppliers that offer quality production from handmade artisan made through to CMT services. The F.A.T.E. simplifies and streamlines the sourcing of ready-made apparel garments, textiles, homeware and accessories by African manufacturers for international professionals, whilst also celebrating the rise of Africa’s potential of its growing textile industry

Our Story

The Fashion Africa Trade Expo (the F.A.T.E.) is a company within the umbrella company Africa Fashion Guide Ltd. AFG was launched in 2011 by fashion design industry professional Jacqueline Shaw, and forms part of the Fashion Africa™ group of companies (Fashion Africa Conference, Fashion Africa Sourcing Trips, Fashion Africa Business Academy, Fashion Africa Membership club, Fashion Africa Books).

When Jacqueline launched Africa Fashion Guide, she recognised a gap in the greater fashion market where insights and research on Africa’s supply chain was highlighted and shared, along with an interest and growing interest for sourcing African made;
So she created it.

Now as an organisation we have evolved into a business platform with our sourcing agency theFATE. We are the go-to specialists in helping new and existing fashion businesses to navigate the sourcing and manufacturing landscape of Africa’s fashion and textiles industry.

We wish to draw new markets within the fashion industry together in order to share, develop and create new ideas and products creating equity for all.

We believe to see change in Africa, we must trade with Africa. Trade is the tool, Fashion is the vehicle to see trade in Africa. Welcome to Fashion Africa Trade Expo

Industry Partners

Our Why

The Scope of the Market

In a report by the AfDB, Africa currently accounts for 1.9% of global trade. The global fashion industry is estimated to now be worth $1.3 trillion and estimated to be worth $2 trillion by 2020. Within Africa, the entire textile/clothing market is already worth more than $31billion and accounts for the second largest number of jobs in developing countries after agriculture. The artisan craft sector is the second largest employer in the developing world. In the next five years, Africa’s textile industry could generate $15.5 billion revenue.

Through the ethical fashion movement, opportunities exist for African fashion businesses to successfully compete in a lucrative international market for fashion.

But according to the 2006 UN Human Development Report, Sub-Saharan Africa loses about 5% of GDP through shrinking trade income, this equates to around $28.4 billion annually Africa will rise not by charity or aid but through investment and trade so the time to invest is now, and a strong manufacturing sector is key to the development of a strong economy.

Apparel manufacturing is shifting and the frontier of production is moving to Africa. It is becoming a top garment sourcing destination and an emerging competitor for clothing brands. This presents great opportunities as well as a challenge. According to McKinsey top global CPOs by 2020 “expect to increase their sourcing share from Africa by a factor of nine”. It’s possible to not only manufacture cost-competitive clothing in Africa with a focus on quality, but also with a focus on ethical standards and capacity building with a positive environmental impact.

This is the business case for why Fashion Africa Trade Expo, the sourcing arm of Africa Fashion Guide Ltd was birthed.

Working With the F.A.T.E

Connection to Africa's Fashion Industry

The core business of the Fashion Africa Trade Expo (theFATE) is tailored to provide a key platform for Africa’s Fashion and textiles manufacturing Industry to offer quality CMT services through to ready-made garments, textiles and apparel to the best known brands and retailers.

Find New Suppliers and Source African Goods

TheFATE simplifies and streamlines sourcing of African apparel, textiles and accessory manufacturers for International professionals. Source a supplier or purchase wholesale or singular readymade product from our store front.

Sell your African products and be seen by new buyers

TheFATE provides an opportunity for producers from the African continent to showcase their product and build new business with international brands and retailers whilst celebrating the rise of Africa’s potential and growing industry in fashion and textiles.

Offer your Manufacturing services

The main objective of theFATE is to present African manufacturers and suppliers from the African textile industry with an opportunity to make business and do trade with internationals buyers from retailers, boutiques and specialised stores

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